Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zombie #19: Jason Moody

Jason Moody is the artist for a comic called Scarlet Veronica. It comes out in the fall, and it looks like it's going to be pretty fierce. It's about this zombie girl who... fights evil? I can't say that for certain. I do know that she's definitely undead, and the previews are looking pretty slick. Check out this trailer and the preview pages.
Thanks Jason!


jason said...

no problem dude.

Thank you!

Robert Barry said...

I'm one of the writers of Scarlet Veronica and just thought I's stop by and say thanks for the mention. Scarlet Veronica is the story of a normal, average teen-age girl who finds all kinds of trouble when she moves to the new town of Raimiesville. But things really get interesting when she dies!

If you like zombies, SV has 'em! We got regular ol' zombie, we got giant zombies, we even got a zombie Santa!

Scarlet Veronica comes out the end of October. For more information go to www.scarletveronica.com. This October, horror has a hero!