Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zombie #27: Jacen Burrows

Jacen Burrows (before I even get into this, check out that splash page for his site; awesome) is a household name in zombie comics, and if the name isn't familiar, you've probably seen his work. He's done tons of amazing covers including Black Gas, Escape of the Niving Dead and various Night of the Living Dead books (with author George A. Romaro).
He's also fully illustrated a handful of books including Chronicles of Wormwood, a book about the anti-Christ, Danny Wormwood who is a TV network executive, his best friend Jesus and a rabbit who talks to him. It's good. It's good in the I know that if I read this I'm going to hell, but it's probably worth it kind of way.
His latest book, Crossed looks to be pretty amazing. It's about a zombie-style outbreak that, instead of turning people into mindless brain-eaters, turns them into homicidal maniacs. Check out a preview here. Issue #0 is on the shelves with issue #1 coming later this month.
Thanks Jacen!

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